Sabtu, 20 September 2008

INFO : how to get Free payooner card

How to Get your paypal verified without a Credit Card.

This method is pretty simple. I just know for a past month that you can get your payooner card without have to pay a certain amount or work for certain quota. Payooner is online debit card that supported by master card. Created for online transaction purpose. For some reason they not giving you chance to sign up by yourself , you have to be “recommended” by a trusted site. And here I will explain futher what I mean by trusted site. And the good thing is PayPal accepted them as legitimate debit card.
As you may know many programs offering you a FREE payooner card. For example a pay to click program that been running by they can give you your payooner card after you sign up as a premium member. ( For more information about u can read them here ). The other program to offer you a free payooner card is SIF, likewise, they also have a pre requirements for you to getting your hands on your payooner card, but for SIF. You have to get your hand on your first $25 commission . both are very trusted site for who have the interest making money online.
As you have have been bored by my explanation so far, I will get to the point. There are 1 more site that offering you to give you payooner card, for exception. This site is really giving you one for free. I will try to write the method as detailed as I can. Please notify me if there’s something that I forgot to mention, or there’s something you don’t understand. You can always contact me at I will try to reply it ASAP.
And here’s the full explanation about step-by-step procedure. (please take note that this procedure will take sometime, cause the location is VERY2 not user friendly, that’s why I made this guide in the first place but I assure you they will give you your payooner card without any charge or cash related requirement)

Please follow this instruction, step by step exactly. So you are not confused and have to begin again from the start.
- First you need to register at friendfinder this is more or less like a friendster but with affiliate program. For a side note, after you sign up, don’t forget to deactivate your email from getting note, so they can’t spam you with “get more friends” program. Fill in the program blablabla... just type your real address so they can send you your payooner card to the right address.
- After you fill in your sign up form. Click JOIN.
- Go to your email. And click Activate Now.
- Don’t forget to change your password. So you not having difficulties to remember it someother time (if you really want to get some more money from this , you can, by joining their affiliate).
- Log off your account.
- and click HERE,
- click Affiliates
- and click Affiliate sign up.
- choose preferred program no.1
for URL you can just put your already made site, or if you really need one you can walways sign up at free webhosting or blogger. And if you ask me for one I will recommend this site. It’s free and they have wide variety of templates. It’s okay if you want to abandon it after that. It’s not like they will delete it or something.(okay enough tal next is…)
- What is your business tax classification? Leave that empty if your’re not an American (I’m not btw).
- Tax ID, again leave it empty.
- phone number.use the format they requesting, it’s like this (your country id)(your city)(your number). It’s becomes like this CCcc nnnnnnnn
for example : 6131 5944149 61 is my country id, 31 is my city id, and the rest is my phone number (please don’t call me :) )
- use Passporte , choone NO
- your comment , just put anything that pop up in your mind (for side note I write “I’m sleepy”, lol)
- accept the agreement, etc etc, and click Submit
- after that find a blue words ,click Account Information , Click here to update your information.
- And Click Payoneer: Signup to be paid by Prepaid MasterCard®.You will be directed to a FriendFinder page hosted by Payoneer, where you can sign up for a card.
- finish the final sign up process. And WAIT :D this cannot be helped. You will need to wait for 2 working days + delivery days. For me it’s about total 15-20 days (not working days, I mean normal days.I’m in Asia btw). for you that resides in US. it will be much faster. (damn you all). They will send a card to your address. (that’s why I told you not to fake your address). And some instruction in it. You will need me no more from this point on have fun.

Release note :
You have the freedom to copy this, edit this, save this, **** with this, this this this (what am I talking about ? I think I’m sleepy ) anyway you NEED NOT to notify me before you send this to other people (I’m not stinky person that mad if his work copied by other person). As for correction I will happily wait for em at The payooner card is very useful card cause they have access to all ATM in the world with mastercard logo. Yes you have to pay more, but I rather pay more than have to wait for another 5 days for my money.
Okay good luck and have fun.:)

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