Senin, 30 November 2009

good place to start -

complete noob at IM ? didn't have money to buy domain and start you business ? you should probably searching place to earn money without need to subscribe and pay, if this were the old me I will surely told you to start with PTC, but sorry... like I said in my other post, I was wrong about them, they bear too much risk, and the revenue are not that great (compared to the risk) the best place I could recommend are but they also need you to break 2 stars barrier before you can start earning (I can break those limit in 2 hours though, I have good understanding about their method and how to crack it without using illegal way, but that's topic for another day) today I will present you with this site, it's good for those that want to start from zero, and also this place has zero risk, because what you will do is legitimate and you will practically working there, the job are small and easy to complete, some are under 5 minutes, some are under 10 minutes, but the most important things is they pay you !
try this web if you really don't want to risk your money in the IM, and get bonus $1 if you register now

Minggu, 29 November 2009


after sometime running trough PTC, I realized that there's no point to keep pursuing them, the most earning that you can get from PTC sites are about $1500 / month and it's practically impossible without some money at first, the risk are too high, and those method become saturated, I deleted all my post about PTC because I realized that I was wrong about them, it's better to pursuing more direct method like clickbank or CJ, but if you want instant money for starters I will recommend to try slicethepie as the start, though there's some secret about them that I will release in next post.
but you must take a note, PTC are not dead, I doubt they will ever be, but the potential are too limited, and that's why I decided to abandon them.

5 golden rules

5 golden rules to Making Money From Home
1. Never give Up !
2. Do not use saturated method
3. Accept that there's people better than you (and learn from them)
4. Patience
5. Creativity

rule no.1 is a must, if you just give up after some failing that so be it, you're not fit into this business and better find a normal job
rule no.2 is something that people sometimes forget and main reason people cannot made money online
rules no.3 is somehow something people didn't realize, as human we constantly strive to be the best, but forgetting that there's always someone who have more experience and creativity
rules no.4 are your inner battle, most of the good method are not working overnight, you will need to wait about 2-3 days for it to work, sometimes it only work after 1-2 weeks, patience is the key
rules no.5 are something that cannot be owned by all people, seeking loopholes and profiting from it are hard, if you didn't have that capabilities do not worry, there's no need to be an inventor, but you can always follow behind them and still make big bucks

there's also some point that you will need to remember, do not underestimated internet growth, it can be a good and bad thing, the good thing is the growth are so fast that nobody can follow it at all, the bad thing is there's no way to "master" the internet how hard you try.

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