Jumat, 05 Maret 2010

easy at least $40 everyday

PTC ? no !
scam ? NO !
adsense ? Impossible... (LOL) unless you have site with 10000++ visitor a day :p

the method are simple it's just have a new twist here and there so it will probably work out for everyone (at least it worked for me) , I want to post it in this blog but I've already made a PDF version of it and I'm too lazy to convert all those hyperlinks, so please enjoy the PDF file

you can download the PDF here, virus free it's my own book for god's sake :D
and some mirror if something goes wrong

Sabtu, 12 Desember 2009

The Forbidden Fruit #1

I got new idea this day, and from now on, what you should not do is called "the Forbidden Fruit" in this blog, no.. seriously even when the idea seems to be fool proof it's not, that's why I give you warning before hand this method are not working and will get you banned instantly...

DO NOT do this with adsense :

source : forum
this method are tested, and failed miserably so do not do this !

1. Setup your own adwords account and buy random search phrases at, let's say - $0.10 per click. Just make sure you pick niches and keywords with very low competition to keep the price per click low. You don't want to bid any more than $0.10 per visitor.

2. Create a landing page for the campaign with an article completely related to ANOTHER niche. Let's use the "Make money online"-niche in this example as it's paying well per click on Adsense.

3. You'll create ads about something completely different when you setup your adwords campaign, i.e. NOTHING about "make money online".

4. Put Adsense in the article. Ads about "make money online" will show up.

5. As the user enters the site (which you payed $0.10 for) they'll see an article competely unrelated to what they're looking for.

6. They'll get frustrated and either hit the back button in the browser or click an ad (that's generally how frustrated visitors act.) as they'll be eager to leave the site as quick as possible.

>>> Let's assume that you'll get a 20% CTR on the ads just to keep things simple.

7. Since the "make money online" niche is paying you, let's say $1.00 per click, and your CTR on the ads are 20% you'll be spending $0.50 (5 x $0.10) to MAKE $1.00 . This means that you'll get a 200% ROI on your adsense campaign as long as a) you bid low, b) you'll get more per adsense click) and 3) you have a high ctr on the ads.

seems like gold mine ? yea.. seems like it, but it only the cover, this is your shortcut to the graveyard for your adsense, you have been warned, do not do this. I do not know with other adv, but I think it won't made any difference, this method has too many loophole and too dangerous too try.

Kamis, 10 Desember 2009

difference in earning

the difference of people who making $1000++ / month and people who only made $500 is so simple and clear, it's all about the amount money you spent on the right spot and how to multiply it, the problem is you need to realize what you buy, and was it worth it ? some products on the internet are total junk and contains saturated method, it's the biggest problem that you need to tackle and on the other hands some product are actually some jewel and really works, the first time I come to realization of this are about one year ago, that time I was so into PTC and stupidly believe that I can make four figures easily per month, well it turn out that I can... but it was no easy at all, and the amount money I spent are too big compared to my profit, I did make profit but when I look back now it's not as good as I think. so then I decide to take my turn I need to create something myself, something that more stable and less risky, I start to learn about SEO, learning about basic technique of marketing (I'm an IT person so marketing are kind of foreign to me), I've even try to write some article with my crappy English ( I bet you know what the outcome *sob*), but the most important thing I've never given up, there's time that I feels that I have no hope in this area, many times I tried to stop, and you don't know how many obstacle that made me feels depressed, and today I finally realized that my choice is the right one.
okay, first I need to warn you about some little things, it's about human nature, people are stingy, accept that... this is my biggest mistake as noobs, I think like child and keep believing in one pure perfect world, free methods and technique are working but never will give you flourishing amount, that's why I always tell you to add some twist of your own, the reason people give a saturated method is simple, it's to protect their current method, so they won't lose any profit and keep strifing without any competitor, and when people willing to share their method it won't be free, believe me.... the working method I use are expensive, I've done some coaching in some forum, they charge me $1 / minute for coaching, I'm grateful though, because they did teach me the right thing, something that actually work, and not just some hoax that running rampant on the internet, and I did keep the secret between me and him, it's the trade of trust and yes..., I'm a cheap person....(hey at least I admit that ?), ok so what did you think about the difference between good and bad product ? it's actually pretty simple, it's the profit that you will get using their method, when the profit is astronomical (let's say about $100000 / month) and it didn't require any additional money, I suggest you close the page and move on to the next product, I'm not saying that's it's impossible to get $100000 / month, but those method at least need you to invest about $1000-$2000 extra money, if that's the case okay the product is fine, it can actually work, but some of the product are total bullshit, if the method are providing him so much money then why he sell it for $120 ? simply unbelievable, in the other hand if some product promising you up to $2000 month and the product pricing are at $50-$200 then it's more believable, why is that ? isn't the basic principle are the same ? using it yourself and profiting isn't that better ? yes and no, the problem are lies on time, time is a bitch, it's never wait and you cannot simply do all your work in limited time, and if you say "I can always outsourcing it" it won't work either, by outsourcing it's means that you will giving away your technique for free, and it's will be total waste, there's no guarantee of loyalty and high possibility of being ripped out and left for nothing, then if you want extra profit what should you do ? simple... sell it, let some marketers sell your product and keep going with what you do now, refine your technique and get extra income without working, *bam* two birds with one stone.

and if you want some safe investment, (if you have the money for it) I suggest you playing in forex, BUT do not let yourself play in it, admit it you're amateur, and so am I, and I do not have the time to learning the technique from the basic, I have witness it with my own eyes how complicated the forex market, one drop in sales will affect the whole market and it's too much for me, the logic are too complicated, and completely time wasting, I suggest you play with the bot on forex, the bot are emotionless and only take the "safe route" I think ou will know what I means if you read the bot description, you won't earning much, that's okay, the most important thing are not about winning much, but to not losing at all, human can sometimes do big profit in forex trading, but bot will always do a little profit, the difference between sometimes and always are something that you need to acknowledge, you need to play safe and not follow your emotion.
there's two bot that's I've been tested myself and they work quite decent, sadly both have some bad review at ezarticles, I don't know the purpose of flaming these bot, but I do know that the bots are working nicely
Ivy Bot
forex auto money
I will give complete review after this, just be patient
*edit* after some research I found out that the flamer of these bot are in fact one person, it means this is either some petty flame war or competitors

Senin, 07 Desember 2009

make money from twitter

ok finally got the mood to write about this stuff, *ehem* let's start...
don't you ever wonder how facebook and tweeter become so popular this day ?, and sometimes wondering how can you benefit from them ? if you ever wonder about that things... good you just stumble upon a right blog this time, and if you not, no problem this is a good place to start (LOL), ok here's the thing... twitter and facebook are two major social bookmark, and the wonder of social bookmark is the user are commoner and not internet addict (eventually they will become internet addict but they didn't require computer and sit in the house all the day like me)
these three are major twitter adv, but I suggest that you choose only one, why ? it's not good if you get distracted too much, since this your new thing you must learn some new stuff and implement them first (well actually it's okay to register to all of them , but stay focused on one !, and if it starts to work, move on to other program, and master all three of them, you will get good amount of money with this.)

SponsoredTweets referral badge

those tree are have their good side and downside (of course) but let me narrow it down for you

this one is pretty much the same as sponsored tweet, with one difference, they do not require your account to be 4 months old, as long as you have good amount of followers, it's "ok" with them, and they pay pretty much the same as sponsoredtweet.
many people considering this is the best adv site, why ? because they really give a big bucks PER tweet and now per click, but the problem is... they only starting to give you job after your account 120 days old (4 month old) and that's too long, it's okay for you who have good tweeter account, but for noobs this can be a very huge handicap.
this one pay you per click and they payment also very fast, they do not asking many question, and only asking you to play by the rules, it's simple to earn from this site, but the earning are not as much as two other, all they ask is you have about 50 followers, that's all.

ok, that's short explanation about the sites, and now about the HOW I'm pretty sure you get this much from other site, but those lazy and cheap bastard keep the method for themself, let me warn you first, I'm not some hypocrite that saying I don't need money, and I'm not saying that I will give you ALL my secret, it's too hard for me to give you ALL, but at the very least I can give you the basic, that's where I start and with a little creativity I'm sure even you can find better idea than mine.

ok, first I will give you some tools so you can automatize your twitter :
1. twitterfriend adder
use this tools to add about 100 friends / per acc per day, not more it will be bad for your acc and will resulting on instant ban on your account, I'm sure you will hate that ?
run this tools once per day, and within a week you will get a very good result, shoot me if you don't.
2. auto tweet tools
this tools will need some maintenance for time to time, it's good idea to keep building your list of messages and made your twitter account seems lively and real, do not write something that will made people know that you're bot, keep a long list and re-building it sometimes.

ok that's all tools you will need to start building your followers, now go on to next step :
if you choose ad.ly or sponsoredtweet then you will need nothing else, just wait for offer from them and start your earning, but for revtwt you will need some trick and more explanation and here it is...
create a multiple account of twitter, let's say 10 acc with different photos and name, and start building some followers, after that register them to revtwt, and activate the auto post ads feature on revtwt sites, it will bring good result overtime and do not expect overnight result.

ok I thinks that's the basic for twitter earning, think some twist that you can come up with, this method has unlimited way to earn but it will need some creativity and maybe some money if you want to boost it by large amount, but believe me... it's worth it.
and again, you may expecting three or four figures from this method, my advice is "do not" this method are automated, and that's means you will get passive income do not expect too much, three figures are very possible but 4 figures are only archive able at 100000++ followers or so.

if you have any question about this do not hesitate to contact me at sonyindosurvey@gmail.com I will gladly help you, but once again do not expect I will give out any of my secret-lethal-weapon to you (LOL), the basic is okay though :D.

I guess that's all, good night and happy earning guys, hope this help.

Minggu, 06 Desember 2009

Liberty Reserve and Payooner

there's not much to say about this two, both are very trusted payment processor and managed by the top company, so their credibility and performance are without doubt one of the best in the world. all I can say that this two are important in case your site are not accepting paypal as your payment account, mostly those two are accepted anywhere, and without any but.

Kamis, 03 Desember 2009

Alertpay, and their Fuction

an Alternate Payment method, generally used for PTC and domain hosting, it's legit and secure though it's usage are more "shady" than paypal, their charge also more expensive compared to paypal, but their professionalism are real.

however i must warn you that their verification process is a bit of pain, you must submit a real document, and fax it to them, but once you done that it's pretty convenient to use this payment processor, major PTC and Internet services in the world already recognized this service as one of the best service and starting to accept them, so you need not to worry about their security and such, I recommend this service for those people that taken interest in advertising or PTC.
their basic account are free, and they don't need any Credit Card, so it bit more easy to register than paypal, there's nothing to lose to register and looking at their services.

PAYPAL, their function, strength, and weakness

the most common payment processor nowadays, they has become so huge that their use are extending, at first PAYPAL was created to serve the user at Ebay so they can do transaction with scam free risk, but alas the Cracker has found it's way to use it and for sometime this payment processor are identical with scam, thankfully they put much effort in their security and finally recover their name and become one of the most trusted payment method in the world.
now paypal are used to many factor in Internet Marketing, and not limited to Ebay, even you can setup small business with this Payment processor, make your own online shop and selling many product using it, one thing you must know, that paypal are free, but the free version of paypal has many limitation and we don't want that, and what should we do to become free of limit ? the answers is simple, become verified !, "simple my ass to become verified first you must have CreditCard, and you don't know how hard to obtain it" - this statement are correct yet so wrong, if we talking about this in year 1999 maybe you're right but in year 2009 Credit Card are not so absolute anymore, hard to obtain ? NO if you want some CC (Creadit Card my hand are starting to getting sore to write those so I will simplify it) for your PAYPAL, all you have to do is cheating... *ehem* I mean search for alternative way to CreditCard, the most common used way are to purchase some VCC (Vitual CC) you can probably get better explanation on their site, but to make long story short, it's your limited CC with limited funds you can transfer, it's enough to get your PAYPAL verified, and it's very cheap compared to real CC, OR if you creative enough, and have some talent in marketing already and have confidence that you can bring at worst 50 lead to some program I recommend to use Payoneer Card, you can find further explanation how to get one for free in my old post, it have step by step explanation to assure that you not getting lost in the middle, but I must warn you (something that I forget to write at my last post), the payooner card will reach your address in approx 1 month if you're in east asia / aussie (have try it myself, my friend also have some proof for this, so it will take sometime before you can start using it)
or one last way, if you're lucky enough, your bank debit card are enough to verify your account, but that's NOT happen to all country, so check with paypal first for that.

ok let's summary what I've been talking and writing about :
- paypal is the most dominant payment processor, that's a fact for now (2009) I don't know about the future though :D
- paypal verified can be obtained easily by purchasing VCC or owning your own payooner card, VCC can be brought on your nearest local forum, and payooner is practically free
- paypal can be verified by some debit card, but that's only apply on major country so don't get your hopes up.

ok let's move on to next lesson.

CC link