Kamis, 03 Desember 2009

Alertpay, and their Fuction

an Alternate Payment method, generally used for PTC and domain hosting, it's legit and secure though it's usage are more "shady" than paypal, their charge also more expensive compared to paypal, but their professionalism are real.

however i must warn you that their verification process is a bit of pain, you must submit a real document, and fax it to them, but once you done that it's pretty convenient to use this payment processor, major PTC and Internet services in the world already recognized this service as one of the best service and starting to accept them, so you need not to worry about their security and such, I recommend this service for those people that taken interest in advertising or PTC.
their basic account are free, and they don't need any Credit Card, so it bit more easy to register than paypal, there's nothing to lose to register and looking at their services.

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