Kamis, 03 Desember 2009

PAYPAL, their function, strength, and weakness

the most common payment processor nowadays, they has become so huge that their use are extending, at first PAYPAL was created to serve the user at Ebay so they can do transaction with scam free risk, but alas the Cracker has found it's way to use it and for sometime this payment processor are identical with scam, thankfully they put much effort in their security and finally recover their name and become one of the most trusted payment method in the world.
now paypal are used to many factor in Internet Marketing, and not limited to Ebay, even you can setup small business with this Payment processor, make your own online shop and selling many product using it, one thing you must know, that paypal are free, but the free version of paypal has many limitation and we don't want that, and what should we do to become free of limit ? the answers is simple, become verified !, "simple my ass to become verified first you must have CreditCard, and you don't know how hard to obtain it" - this statement are correct yet so wrong, if we talking about this in year 1999 maybe you're right but in year 2009 Credit Card are not so absolute anymore, hard to obtain ? NO if you want some CC (Creadit Card my hand are starting to getting sore to write those so I will simplify it) for your PAYPAL, all you have to do is cheating... *ehem* I mean search for alternative way to CreditCard, the most common used way are to purchase some VCC (Vitual CC) you can probably get better explanation on their site, but to make long story short, it's your limited CC with limited funds you can transfer, it's enough to get your PAYPAL verified, and it's very cheap compared to real CC, OR if you creative enough, and have some talent in marketing already and have confidence that you can bring at worst 50 lead to some program I recommend to use Payoneer Card, you can find further explanation how to get one for free in my old post, it have step by step explanation to assure that you not getting lost in the middle, but I must warn you (something that I forget to write at my last post), the payooner card will reach your address in approx 1 month if you're in east asia / aussie (have try it myself, my friend also have some proof for this, so it will take sometime before you can start using it)
or one last way, if you're lucky enough, your bank debit card are enough to verify your account, but that's NOT happen to all country, so check with paypal first for that.

ok let's summary what I've been talking and writing about :
- paypal is the most dominant payment processor, that's a fact for now (2009) I don't know about the future though :D
- paypal verified can be obtained easily by purchasing VCC or owning your own payooner card, VCC can be brought on your nearest local forum, and payooner is practically free
- paypal can be verified by some debit card, but that's only apply on major country so don't get your hopes up.

ok let's move on to next lesson.

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