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difference in earning

the difference of people who making $1000++ / month and people who only made $500 is so simple and clear, it's all about the amount money you spent on the right spot and how to multiply it, the problem is you need to realize what you buy, and was it worth it ? some products on the internet are total junk and contains saturated method, it's the biggest problem that you need to tackle and on the other hands some product are actually some jewel and really works, the first time I come to realization of this are about one year ago, that time I was so into PTC and stupidly believe that I can make four figures easily per month, well it turn out that I can... but it was no easy at all, and the amount money I spent are too big compared to my profit, I did make profit but when I look back now it's not as good as I think. so then I decide to take my turn I need to create something myself, something that more stable and less risky, I start to learn about SEO, learning about basic technique of marketing (I'm an IT person so marketing are kind of foreign to me), I've even try to write some article with my crappy English ( I bet you know what the outcome *sob*), but the most important thing I've never given up, there's time that I feels that I have no hope in this area, many times I tried to stop, and you don't know how many obstacle that made me feels depressed, and today I finally realized that my choice is the right one.
okay, first I need to warn you about some little things, it's about human nature, people are stingy, accept that... this is my biggest mistake as noobs, I think like child and keep believing in one pure perfect world, free methods and technique are working but never will give you flourishing amount, that's why I always tell you to add some twist of your own, the reason people give a saturated method is simple, it's to protect their current method, so they won't lose any profit and keep strifing without any competitor, and when people willing to share their method it won't be free, believe me.... the working method I use are expensive, I've done some coaching in some forum, they charge me $1 / minute for coaching, I'm grateful though, because they did teach me the right thing, something that actually work, and not just some hoax that running rampant on the internet, and I did keep the secret between me and him, it's the trade of trust and yes..., I'm a cheap person....(hey at least I admit that ?), ok so what did you think about the difference between good and bad product ? it's actually pretty simple, it's the profit that you will get using their method, when the profit is astronomical (let's say about $100000 / month) and it didn't require any additional money, I suggest you close the page and move on to the next product, I'm not saying that's it's impossible to get $100000 / month, but those method at least need you to invest about $1000-$2000 extra money, if that's the case okay the product is fine, it can actually work, but some of the product are total bullshit, if the method are providing him so much money then why he sell it for $120 ? simply unbelievable, in the other hand if some product promising you up to $2000 month and the product pricing are at $50-$200 then it's more believable, why is that ? isn't the basic principle are the same ? using it yourself and profiting isn't that better ? yes and no, the problem are lies on time, time is a bitch, it's never wait and you cannot simply do all your work in limited time, and if you say "I can always outsourcing it" it won't work either, by outsourcing it's means that you will giving away your technique for free, and it's will be total waste, there's no guarantee of loyalty and high possibility of being ripped out and left for nothing, then if you want extra profit what should you do ? simple... sell it, let some marketers sell your product and keep going with what you do now, refine your technique and get extra income without working, *bam* two birds with one stone.

and if you want some safe investment, (if you have the money for it) I suggest you playing in forex, BUT do not let yourself play in it, admit it you're amateur, and so am I, and I do not have the time to learning the technique from the basic, I have witness it with my own eyes how complicated the forex market, one drop in sales will affect the whole market and it's too much for me, the logic are too complicated, and completely time wasting, I suggest you play with the bot on forex, the bot are emotionless and only take the "safe route" I think ou will know what I means if you read the bot description, you won't earning much, that's okay, the most important thing are not about winning much, but to not losing at all, human can sometimes do big profit in forex trading, but bot will always do a little profit, the difference between sometimes and always are something that you need to acknowledge, you need to play safe and not follow your emotion.
there's two bot that's I've been tested myself and they work quite decent, sadly both have some bad review at ezarticles, I don't know the purpose of flaming these bot, but I do know that the bots are working nicely
Ivy Bot
forex auto money
I will give complete review after this, just be patient
*edit* after some research I found out that the flamer of these bot are in fact one person, it means this is either some petty flame war or competitors

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