Sabtu, 12 Desember 2009

The Forbidden Fruit #1

I got new idea this day, and from now on, what you should not do is called "the Forbidden Fruit" in this blog, no.. seriously even when the idea seems to be fool proof it's not, that's why I give you warning before hand this method are not working and will get you banned instantly...

DO NOT do this with adsense :

source : forum
this method are tested, and failed miserably so do not do this !

1. Setup your own adwords account and buy random search phrases at, let's say - $0.10 per click. Just make sure you pick niches and keywords with very low competition to keep the price per click low. You don't want to bid any more than $0.10 per visitor.

2. Create a landing page for the campaign with an article completely related to ANOTHER niche. Let's use the "Make money online"-niche in this example as it's paying well per click on Adsense.

3. You'll create ads about something completely different when you setup your adwords campaign, i.e. NOTHING about "make money online".

4. Put Adsense in the article. Ads about "make money online" will show up.

5. As the user enters the site (which you payed $0.10 for) they'll see an article competely unrelated to what they're looking for.

6. They'll get frustrated and either hit the back button in the browser or click an ad (that's generally how frustrated visitors act.) as they'll be eager to leave the site as quick as possible.

>>> Let's assume that you'll get a 20% CTR on the ads just to keep things simple.

7. Since the "make money online" niche is paying you, let's say $1.00 per click, and your CTR on the ads are 20% you'll be spending $0.50 (5 x $0.10) to MAKE $1.00 . This means that you'll get a 200% ROI on your adsense campaign as long as a) you bid low, b) you'll get more per adsense click) and 3) you have a high ctr on the ads.

seems like gold mine ? yea.. seems like it, but it only the cover, this is your shortcut to the graveyard for your adsense, you have been warned, do not do this. I do not know with other adv, but I think it won't made any difference, this method has too many loophole and too dangerous too try.

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